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Rules & Agreements.

These rules provide the main terms for activity regulation between the BITALPHA LTD Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” and the investor (hereinafter referred to as the “Investor”).

All sides that participate in the activity of the investment project must abide by each paragraph of set rules during the whole period of cooperation.

Set rules become effective from the moment they are placed in this section of the website.

General terms

    1. Each registered user of the website that has reached adulthood can receive a status of the official Investor of the Company.
    2. After completion of registration, the user automatically receives a status of Investor, after which the Company must provide the Investor with full 24-hour access to all its services.

The Company guarantees confidentiality and protection of Investor’s personal data.

      1. The Company is officially registered on the territory of Great Britain and implements its activities under the local legislation.  The main office is located in London. All the registration documentation and other legal information is offered on the official website of the Company. The Investor has a right to personally get acquainted with these documents.
      2. The user, who for some reason, cannot or doesn’t want to implement the provisions of the established rules that regulate his responsibilities, must refuse from the registration procedure and obtaining the status of Investor.



    1. The Company is responsible for the distribution of funds offered by the Investor and has a right to use them exclusively for the intended purpose, i.e. to use for the provision of its activity on the crypto trading market.
    2. The Company offers for the Investor guarantees of profit accrual by the set time, according to financial terms of the investment plan chosen by the Investor.
    3. The Company isn’t responsible for the appearance of technical failures in the function of payment systems used for making deposits or withdrawals of funds.
    4. Each transaction associated with the transfer of money is final and is not retroactive.
    5. The Company isn’t responsible for mistakes made by the Investor during the transactions and doesn’t pay compensations for lost funds.


      1. The Company carries full responsibility for keeping personal information safe, offered by the Investor.
      2. The Company’s website, its content and its tools are protected by the author’s rights.



      1. During the registration procedure on the website, the Investor must provide accurate personal data.
      2. The Investor is personally responsible for making any transactions with funds. If any questions appear, concerning the movement of funds, the Investor has a right to contact the Company’s technical support.
      3. The Investor, who implements the investment activity, must use the services and tools provided by the Company, only for the intended use. In case if any illegal manipulations by the Investor bring any harm to the website, the Investor’s account will be blocked and his personal account with funds will be frozen without a right of restoration.
      4. By registering on the website, the Investor confirms his agreeance on the processing of his personal data by the specialists of the Company, according to the law.
      5. The Investor has a right to register only one account from one IP address. Registration of more than one account is prohibited. If the Company finds a violation of this paragraph, all the Investor’s accounts will be subjected to blockage and funds found on the account will be frozen without a right to reinstate in full volume.
      6. The Investor agrees to implement investment activity abiding by all norms of international right. In the process of making transactions, it is prohibited to use funds received illegally.
      7. The Investor carries personal responsibility for compliance with the tax legislation of the country of residence.
      8. The Investor doesn’t have a right to register accounts with the use of a personal partnership link, thereby abusing the opportunities of the partnership program. If the fact of violation of this point is established, the account of the Investor will be blocked and funds from his account, found at the moment of illegal actions, will be frozen without a right of reinstating.



    1. If force-major circumstances arose not at the Company’s fault, it has a right to stop the investment partnership for an unspecified period of time.




      1. The Company has a right to review these rules and make changes in them at any time, with the instant placement of updates in this section.



Termination of joint investment activity between the Company and the Investor may be initiated by any side.

6.2. The Company has a right to dissolve the agreement about the joint activity with the Investor unilaterally if he doesn’t abide by the rules or makes illegal activities.

6.3. The Investor has a right to terminate the partnership relations with the Company for any reason without its specification.

  1. Dispute resolution

7.1. Resolution of any dispute situations between the Investor and the Company may be implemented through negotiations or in court, according to the current legislation.